A WIDNES-based production company is busy preparing its next low-cost show for underprivileged children across the region.

Elegance Productions was set up in 2009 by Kerry Williams and produces plays every four months along with a pantomime for disadvantaged children which is free of charge to help those struggling financially at Christmas.

Their most recent performance of The Wizard of Oz showed at the Blackburne House in Liverpool over the festive period.

Anthony Woodward, part of the production team, said: "We did the show at Blackburne House for underprivileged and disadvantaged children due to the overwhelming number of families wanting to come and see a pantomime and not being able to afford the bigger productions in and around the city.

"We want to offer a more conveniently priced show that would be enjoyed by all.

Kerry Williams said: "We are just normal people working with children and serving the community because not everyone in the community has £30 to see a panto.

"Regardless of grandeur, kids will smile and laugh when something is lovely.

"When your cast is strong and your script is strong funny is funny- all is children want to do is laugh."

The next performance by Elegance Productions will be on January 27 at 2pm in CIRCO in Liverpool, costing just £5 per child and £10 per adult.

Kerry explained: "The money will go towards getting better costumes and sets to create a better shows for everyone."