A KITTEN has made a miraculous recovery after becoming trapped in machinery at a recycling plant.

Stray Pip suffered horrific injuries after falling into a machine at the recycling centre in Widnes aged only five weeks.

The kitten sustained a head injury - leaving her with a 90 degree in her neck - and also had serious eye and ear infections.

But she has made a miraculous recovery thanks to quick-thinking plant workers and charity staff at Warrington Animal Welfare.

Pip was rushed to Beach House Veterinary Centre in Warrington, where vets battle for 24 hours to save her life.

Runcorn and Widnes World:

From left; Beech House vet Emily Guest, vet nurse Laura Darlington, Pip’s owner Nikki Carters and Louise Allen of Warrington Animal Welfare

Thirty-year-old vet Laura Darling, from Widnes, said: "When Pip first came in, we didn’t really think she would live as she was so young, and with her head trauma it was really touch and go.

"Her eyes were so inflamed and swollen she could barely see.

"She couldn't walk properly, and she had this worrying head tilt.

"It was wonderful when overnight she started to eat on her own and looked so much brighter.

"The first 24 hours are always crucial, but she had survived.

"She was so lovely, but very small - you couldn’t help but feel sorry for her."

After two days of treatment, Pip was returned to the rescue centre and found a new home in Warrington last month.

Runcorn and Widnes World:

Nikki Carters, who has adopted the now three-month old feline, said: "As soon as we saw her my husband said we couldn't leave her, so that was that.

"She is very cute, she just doesn’t have very good balance.

"Pip will try and do cat things, but can fall off things like the back of the sofa.

"But she just picks herself back up and doesn’t let the tilt affect her.

"Pip was wary of people at first, but was really good with our two other cats Noodles and Charlie.

"In fact, we think she leads them astray.

"She is getting to be really affectionate now and is very quirky.

"If it wasn’t for her foster at Warrington Animal Welfare and the team at Beech House, I wouldn’t have my lovely, wonky cat."