MORE than 400 selection boxes have been donated by Halton residents for the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust.

The charity, near Lymm, provides holidays and visits for children with disabilities and illnesses.

At Christmas the charity sprinkles some festive magic by inviting the children for a party so they launched a selection box appeal in November to secure 1,200 boxes for each of the children attending.

Helen Crowther from the charity explained her delight.

She said: “We were a little nervous about launching an appeal like this as we know Christmas can be a difficult time financially, but we’ve been absolutely astounded by the response!

“3,374 boxes were donated in total with 423 coming from the Halton area – that’s a mountain of chocolate!

“We’ve been so grateful for each and every donation, from the young boy who saved his pocket money to buy 16 boxes to the companies who have collected hundreds!

“Each donation means the world to us, but more importantly to the children who have very gratefully received their sweet treats.”