A WIDNES schoolboy who filled a rugby league stadium with soft toys has raised enough money for life-saving equipment to be brought into the community.

Aidan Jackson, who two years ago filled the Select Stadium with nearly 11,000 cuddly bears is campaigning for two defibrillators to be fitted in Ditton.

The youngster and mum Caroline Jackson have raised the £1,600 for one defibrillator to be installed at Widnes Hall Care Home on Coronation Drive – a cause close to their hearts.

She said: “A family friend of ours ended up giving CPR to someone in Runcorn. It got Aidan thinking about defibrillators and how much help this device would be for the community and for it to be accessible 24 hours a day.”

As part of their latest fundraiser for the defibrillator at Widnes Hall Care Home, they held raffles and placed collection tubs across the region, including at Home Smart, Appleton Chippy and Plumb Point.

The campaign also received donations from businesses such as Glynn Andrews car sales, Widnes Rotary Club and Andrew Curphey Theatre Company.

Mum Caroline said their support has not gone unnoticed by Aidan.

She said: “He’s been quite lucky that a lot of these places that have supported him before wanted to support him again.

“Aidan is made up that he has got that support from them and it’s continued support.”

Now that they have raised enough money for the first defibrillator, Aidan is wasting no time in raising money for the second defibrillator, with a carol concert being held at 66 Francis Close on December 22.

The concert will feature the Warrington British Sign Language Choir, who appeared at their carol concert last year, gifts for young visitors and a raffle.

Aidan and Caroline are hoping to install the first defibrillator early next year.

She said: “Hopefully eveything will be in place by early January so fingers crossed.

“We will just have to wait for the final bits to slot into place.”