A PUPIL at The Heath School Runcorn secured fifth place in her first modelling competition.

Lydia Chandler, 13, competed in Miss International Rose 2018 in October, raising money for the charity Dayz out for Kidz.

Her mum Antonia said: "We are so so proud of her as she's worked really hard.

"She was so shocked and proud to have leant that she had placed fifth which has given her the confidence to believe that anything is possible."

For her next competition Lydia has decided to donate the money to SANDS as they support special care babies.

Antonia added: "She was a special care baby so it's very close to her heart.

"I remember when I found out my baby would be coming two months early and never thought she would make it and now look at her.

"Her plans are to enter Miss Diamond UK and Miss British Isles as well as entering Miss International Rose again, seeking first place this time."

Lydia, who has just started training as a make-up artist, added: "I felt extremely nervous but excited to be entering the competition.

"I really needed to concentrate on not letting her nerves get the better of her and just enjoy the day.

"It was a wonderful day and I met some fabulous ladies – one will remain a friend for life."