MEET Cheshire Police’s latest recruits who hope to help the force promote the dangers for animals at Halloween and Bonfire Night.

This time of year is challenging for dogs especially those with a nervous disposition.

Bonfire Night and Halloween are a seasonal hazard as dogs have far more sensitive hearing than humans.

Nine-year-old border terrier Toby, who is a registered therapy dog, hates fireworks just like his adopted 12-month-old brother Amos.

Amos has had more to deal with than most dogs after he was born with detached retinas and vets were given no choice but to remove his eyes.

But his luck started to change when his new family adopted him from Cheshire Dogs Home and now Toby and Amos are inseparable.

But as Halloween and Bonfire Night approaches, his family are worried about how Amos will react to repeated door knocking and fireworks.

Cheshire Police and Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service have issued a warning about the consequences of anti-social behaviour during this time as well as reminding the public to be considerate of their neighbours.

A spokesman said: “Bonfire Night isn’t pleasant for any animals let alone dogs so it’s about being mindful of people who have pets.

“If you are celebrating in your own home then let your neighbours know so they can be prepared.

“It's the same with Halloween. Not everyone wants to open the door to trick or treaters.

“That’s why we are giving out ‘yes and no’ leaflets that residents can put in their door to show if they are happy for trick or treaters.”