HALTON Borough Council is set to bring children's animations to life in a themed firework display.

The council is finalising its plans for the annual November 5 firework spectacular which will be appropriately themed for the whole family to enjoy.

This year the display will be launched by Pains Fireworks who have historic links to the barrels of gunpowder used in the infamous plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

Pains was also responsible for the first Bonfire Night display in Halton in 1979 and the fireworks which marked the opening of the Mersey Gateway Bridge last year.

Tom Cranmer, from Pains Fireworks, said: "Following the success of last year’s display to open the Mersey Gateway we’re extremely excited to be returning to Halton for this year’s bonfire night celebrations.

"Here at Pains, we are extremely passionate about the shows that we perform and our historic association with this display makes it even more special.

"We’re very proud of our history within the industry and to be given the opportunity to create new memories at a location we were firing at some 40 years ago really is just fantastic!"

This year, the display will be timed to songs from children’s animations.

Cllr Eddie Jones, Halton Borough Council’s portfolio holder for events, said: "We’re very excited to have Pains Fireworks on board following last year’s bridge opening extravaganza.

"We hope this will be the best November 5 display in Halton to date.

"Bonfire Night is special here.

"The event brings together the whole borough in a safe environment for what is widely considered to be one of the best displays in the region.

"We’d encourage everybody to come down early and soak up the family friendly atmosphere and enjoy the show!"

The display, viewed by tens of thousands of spectators from vantage points across the Borough, starts at 7.30pm with music from 6.30pm.

The official viewing areas are Mersey Road in Runcorn and Victoria Promenade in Widnes.