TWO mums who met online while discussing parenting advice are hosting an event to help other parents prepare for life with a baby.

Laura Gaskell, from Widnes, recently launched Babbaboo Sleep in June after her baby son Joel struggled to sleep due a milk allergy.

Once Joel was placed onto the correct milk it was difficult for Laura to establish a consistent and strict routine that Joel needed to learn to fall asleep independently.

Laura, 31, said: "I found the support around sleep to be minimal, every baby is completely different and there is not one size fits all.

"I signed up with The Sleep Nanny and spent the rest of my maternity leave studying infant sleep to become a certified Sleep Nanny."

After launching her business, Laura has helped many parents from different age groups with getting their children to sleep better.

Laura met midwife and founder of Hearts to Hands Baby Massage and Hypnobirthing, Laura Farrell on Facebook and they identified a need for events that offer parents advice and services in the local area.

Laura Farrell became passionate about making the birthing process calm and enjoyable for parents through her midwifery training.

Her courses teach parents the tools they need to take control of their birth, be empowered to make choices that are right for them in the safe birth of their baby and to feel calm and relaxed throughout the birthing process.

Once the baby reaches six-weeks-old, the five-week Hearts to Hands massage course equips new parents with techniques to help with issues including colic, good digestion, teething pain, as well as relaxation and improving sleeping patterns.

The event will offer advice and support to parents-to-be and new parents and host a number of businesses from Babbaboo Sleep, Heart to Hands Massage, Water Babies to Mini First Aid.

The Happy Me, Happy You parenting event takes place at The Hayloft, Sandy Lane, on Sunday, September 30 from 10am until 1pm.