THE Environment Agency is investigating the source of foul smells in Widnes after receiving a number of odour complaints from concerned locals.

Several residents took to social media last week to complain about 'pee', 'sweaty bin'  and 'urinal' smells in the town, which they said 'absolutely hummed' for several days.

One resident claimed she was forced to shut her windows during the hot weather  because the smell was 'turning her stomach', whilst another said she was forced to leave Victoria Park 'because of the stench.'

One woman claimed she could smell something 'vile' for a whole week,  whilst another suggested it was a long term problem and said: “I really don’t miss the Widnes smells.”

A 'revolting' stench also appeared to waft its way over to Runcorn, with several residents from that town saying they  reported putrid  smells to the council, EA and public health on Facebook.

Residents in Runcorn said the town smelt of sewerage and cow dung, speculating the wind was blowing muck from nearby Frodsham Marsh and Widnes animal rendering plant PDM (formerly known as Granox).

One resident said: “Smells of (poo), nearly threw up before! Dirtttty.”

Another said: “As a Widnesian I am appalled at the obnoxious smells we have in our town.”

A spokesperson from Halton council confirmed that  last Thursday, the prevailing wind resulted in an odour drifting over Runcorn from Frodsham marshes.

However she added that this was a separate incident to the longer term smells that were travelling far across the borough, which Environmental Health were now investigating.

An Environment Agency spokesperson confirmed they were looking into the smell, the source of which they believe is coming from somewhere in Widnes.

Urging residents to come forward with any odour issues they said: “Widnes is an industrial town with a number of recycling companies and chemical manufacturers.

“We have had a number of odour reports from the area and are currently investigating. If the public have an environmental issue they wish to report please call our incident hotline on 08000 80 70 60.”