WHISKEY, a box of dates and three free range eggs are among the weird and wonderful gifts grateful members of the public have bestowed upon Cheshire police.

A register of gifts and gratitudes reveals officers have received all manner of things for their public service in the last year.

Traditional gifts such as flowers, scented candles and mugs made frequent occurrences on the list.

However confectionery was by far the most common present with police receiving hundreds of pounds worth of cakes, sweets and chocolate between August 2017 and May 2018.

Other grateful residents opted for a more quirky choice of food gift.

Two pounds worth of dates,  three free range eggs and a home-made apple pie with pickles were gifts declared by officers over the last 12 months,

Wine, rum, whiskey, Prosecco, and Polish alcohol were amongst the drinks given to police.

Other more unusual gifts declared over the year include two baby feeding bowls worth £4, a selection of hats worth £10, a set of ladders, takeaway food and a canvas painting.

One of the most expensive gifts was a guest package of £320 for the Chief Constable to attend the p-police strategy forum conference as a guest speaker and chair sessions.

However, most of the gifts were less than £20.

Cheshire Police force’s gifts, gratuities and hospitality procedure sets out strict rules to ensure gifts are declared by staff.

Under this procedure, officers and staff “must not compromise or abuse their position by soliciting the offer of gifts, gratuities, favours or hospitality, nor should they accept any such offer outside of the ethical framework for determining acceptable boundaries in relation to gifts, gratuities and hospitality”.

Some gifts, such as clothes vouchers and cash, were returned, declined or donated to charity.

Some other weird and wonderful gifts on the register included:

Necklace and earrings

Power chargers

Paperback Holy Bible entitled Bikers Bible

£100 worth of food and drinks including a bottle of whiskey, gin, cakes and cookies

A pack of bubblegum

Four pumpkins

US Government cuff links

Buffet lunch

Tea lights and batteries

Thank you cards