A MILLIONAIRE mum says she still love shopping for bargains!

Kelly Massey, 35, from Runcorn, scooped £1m on the EuroMillions raffle and says it has transformed her life.

"It has made a massive difference," said Kelly, who married her childhood sweetheart Jason, 46, in a plush country wedding.

"I always dreamed of having a lavish wedding at an amazing venue in the hear of the Cheshire countryside. This is something I ruled out as I thought we could never be able to afford it."

The couple were living with her mum Diane when her life was suddenly transformed and they were able to splash out on their first home in Norton.

"I had just won £700 on the bingo and thought I might as well have a go at the EuroMillions," she said.

"No one believed me when I told them I had won as it was April Fool's Day!"

The former Wade Deacon pupil quit her job at easyJet after working as cabin crew for seven years to devote more time with her daughter Hollie, eight.

"Not having to work means I've been able to spend more time with my daughter.

"She loves horse riding and is learning how to look after them. Hopefully when she is more confident I will get her a pony.

"It has given me security for my daughter, I've been able to help my family.

"It has taken all of my worries away and bought me time to spend with loved ones - living the best life I possibly can."

Her husband Jason, 46, still works as a supervisor for retail management company working alongside B&Q.

But, having cash in the bank means they have travelled to Egypt, Turkey, Mexico and Kos.

They are looking forward to a cruise later this year and taking her daughter to Florida in 2019.

"When I get on a plane now I know I'm going on holiday not taking other people on their holidays, "she said.

Kelly has shared her fortune with her family buying her dad John a house and taking her mum Diane on several holidays.

She bought a car for her brother Mark, 37, who serves in the Royal Navy.

But her feet are still on the ground despite becoming a millionaire.

"It's not changed me as a person, " said Kelly. "I still shop at Poundland and love going to markets," said Kelly. "Everyone loves a bargain."

Five years after hitting the jackpot, Kelly returned to the Co-op on Granville Street in Runcorn where she bought her winning ticket to celebrate a National Lottery milestone.

The gold playstation has now created an amazing 5,000 millionaires.

Astonishingly, the last 1,000 have been made in just 29 months - at the rate of more than one every day.

In the Warrington post code WA 498 players have banked a big prize including 60 millionaires.

"I decided to go public because you don't often hear good stories," added Kelly.

"No one believes you can win a million but if it happens to me it can happen to you."