AN excited schoolboy is bursting with pride after being chosen to meet the Queen and Meghan.

Marley Hannah couldn't believe it when his name was picked out of a hat to play a VIP role when Her Majesty and the Duchess of Sussex open the Mersey Gateway on Thursday.

The six-year-old, from Widnes, has been invited to tell Her Majesty what he thinks of the new bridge.

Mum Amy, 26, said it was extra special for her son as he has sensory processing disorder, Asperger and additional needs.

"We are really happy," said Amy, from Farnworth.  "It is a big thing for Marley because he never gets picked for anything. This has really boosted his confidence.

"He is extremely excited to be meeting the Queen and equally excited about meeting Meghan.

"Marley is bursting with pride, he cannot believe he has won the opportunity."

Marley is a pupil at Farnworth CE Primary School and is one of 600 children across Halton selected to play a key role at the opening ceremony at the Catalyst Science and Discovery Centre.

Marley said: "I am excited to go to see our Queen and Princess Meghan, I have been practising my bow."

Amy added: "Marley has been asked to tell the Queen what he thinks of the new bridge. He thinks it is cool and awesome and says it looks like a big Lego pirate ship with sails on it.

"He can't wait to see the Queen and hasn't stopped talking about it.

"He is excited about Meghan and watched the royal wedding. He said he is going to see a beautiful princess."