LAUGHTER and fun filled Victoria Park in Widnes as 1,000 Halton primary school children took part in a 2 kilometre fun run.

Great British track and field athlete Jazmin Sawyers backed the event after recently competing in the Great City Games in Manchester.

The Go Run For Fun mass running event aims to inspire children to learn about living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Jazmin said: “Anything to do with encouraging kids to get into sport, I’m into! I know how much sport did for me growing up and if I can help more children to be active and regularly involved in physical activity, I know it’ll be to their benefit.”

Jazmin told children to find something they enjoy. “There’s no point pushing in a sport you hate, try new things until you find one that makes you smile. You’re much more likely to stay active if you’re looking forward to the activity!”

Go Run For Fun hit their 240,000th runner at their Halton event on Thursday and aim to get 55,000 children running in 2018 through organising 25 mass running events across the UK.

Jim Ratcliffe, chairman of Ineos, who supports the event, is deeply passionate about running. He said: “It has never been more important to support young people in leading healthier, more active lives.”

Halton Council helped to organise the event.

Children from the following schools took part: St Bede's, Moorfield, St John Fisher, The Grange, Farnworth, Hale, Woodside, Halebank, Ditton, Widnes Academy, Lunts Heath and Simms Cross.