FIREFIGHTERS are installing child safety equipment into the homes of families as part of a special initiative.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and Halton Council are celebrating their collaborative work as part of Child Safety Week.

This year’s theme Safe Children: Together we’ve got this supports the message that organisations working in partnership can help to get child safety right.

Since 2011 the two organisations have been working together to provide a scheme called Fit4Safety.

The scheme involves firefighters delivering home safety messages and installing child safety equipment in the homes of families who receive benefits.

The families are assessed for eligibility following a home visit from a health visitor or children’s centre worker.

The collaboration has increased firefighters' engagement with families and young children in Runcorn and Widnes with staff routinely visiting the homes of eligible families to conduct home fire safety visits.

They have already visited almost 500 families.

Jenny Maskell, partnership coordinator for Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “This low cost preventative measure helps to reduce the risk of unintentional injury to children under five living in some households within the Halton area.

"Unfortunately, unintentional injury is a leading cause of death, ill health and disability in those under five years old and usually occurs in or around the home.

“Unintentional injuries can include falls, scalds, burns and poisoning and have a devastating impact on children and their families.

"We are keen to work with partner organisations to reduce the risks associated with these injuries and to help parents have an awareness and confidence when it comes to safety in the home and for children to learn, play and grow in safer environments.”

The Child Accident Prevention Trust provides advice, tips and guidance on staying safe.

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