A MUM and daughter from Widnes were taken to hospital after a train station shelter roof collapsed on them.

Tina Stott and her 10-year-old daughter Melissa, were at Widnes Railway Station waiting for a train to Liverpool on Monday morning around 10.50am when part of its shelter roof caved in and hit them both.

The hard plasterboard type material struck Tina on her head and leg as well as one of Melissa's legs.

A first-aider, who was also waiting for a train, checked the pair before an ambulance took them to hospital.

Tina was treated for concussion and whiplash while Melissa was given crutches to help her recovery.

Tina, 42, said: "Melissa and I were just chatting away when the roof caved in.

"I understand the station is a grade II listed building and it is not the cheapest to maintain but it cannot be left in that way. It was in a really bad state of repair.

"If it was a younger child that was under the shelter at the time then it could have been a terrifying."

After reporting the incident, Melissa was disappointed with the delay by Northern Rail to contact her about it which she says didn't happen until Thursday evening.

She added: "I didn't want the same thing to happen to anyone else and it made me angry that full repairs have not been carried out as someone else could get hurt.

"There are plastic barriers around the area but they can easily be moved and it still looks like there are areas of the roof that could collapse."

Northern Rail have issued an apology about the incident.

A spokesperson for the train operator said: “We are sorry for this regrettable incident that took place on Monday.

"We are liaising directly with the lady to keep her updated on the situation and wish them both a speedy recovery.

"As soon as the incident occurred, the station staff responded quickly, calling emergency services who attended the scene.

"They also made the area safe by blocking access to the area and removed the debris.

"As an infrastructure issue, Network Rail were contacted and they attended the site on Monday, carrying out temporary repairs to the canopy.

"They are currently completing an investigation and will carry out the required repairs.”