TWO 12-year-old friends are embarking on an ambitious challenge to raise £1,000 for Halton Haven.

Heath schoolboys Calumn Myers and Aaron Coxon set off on their sports endurance feats today and hope to reach their goal by May 30.

Calumn has pledged to swim 21 miles, the equivalent of crossing the English Channel.

The Runcorn Reps swimmer plans to do a mile a day, that's 64 lengths of a pool.

Halton and Frodsham Harriers cross country runner Aaron hopes to complete 26.2 miles, the equivalent of the London Marathon.

He is on track to complete two kilometres a day.

Calumn's mum Emma Myers said: "The boys came up with all of this themselves. It's quite a challenge and will be completed in their own time around school, homework and any other clubs they both attend.

"I am very proud of them. They are only 12 and want to try and change the image that kids have to show people that all teenagers aren't the same."

Calumn wants to thank staff at the hospice for all the support and care they gave to his family when his grandad Les Ainscough, from Runcorn, died a few years ago.

Emma added: "Nurses from the hospice provided care at home.

"He is the type of kid who wants to help people and do things. Calumn and I both help the homeless in Liverpool once a month, giving out food, drink and clothes."

The boys have known each other since attending Hillview Primary School in Beechwood and both play for Runcorn football club BPR Leira.

The pair have already reached a quarter of their target.

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