A WHODUNNIT is being staged in Runcorn.

Murder at Cadberry Manor is a black comedy whodunnit promising plenty of drama and intrigue.

Halton-based Soup Productions invite theatre goers to the home of rich eccentric Sir Toby Le Rone on a special evening.

The audience can join Inspector Harrietta Bo as she interrogates suspects including Dr Wilbur Wispa Wisbur, maid Malteaser and Louis Pastille.

The show is directed by Danny Shaw and wriitten by Mike Bell and Michael Pirks.

The murder mystery is being performed at The Brindley on Friday, October 26 and Saturday, October 27.

Discount tickets priced £10 will be available until April 30 to customers who provide the password 'Easter egg'. After this date, admission will be £12.

To book call the box office on 0151 907 8730 or visit thebrindley.org.uk.