I AM concerned about the extreme disrepair of the A562 Liverpool bound Speke Road as the new surface of the Mersey Gateway ends after Ditton junction.

As you come off the new bridge in Widnes you can see the road surface change.

Just after the junction for Ditton you leave a smooth new tarmac and drive onto an old really damaged pothole-ridden surface.

Some of the potholes are really wide and deep.

I have had to pull over to check my tyre as one hole felt like I'd ripped a tyre off!

If a car is in fast lane and you're in the slow lane these holes are unavoidable, like today.

Who is responsible for this section of road? It's really really bad.

No doubt people are already swerving to avoid them. At speed on a dual carriage way the national speed limit is 70mph.

People are paying the disgraceful toll to cross the Mersey Gateway bridge to then be led to a mass of tyre destroying potholes.

Alone, that's not fair but the disrepair is so significant that it won't be long until there's an accident, either through vehicles swerving in an attempt to avoid the worse or even through extreme damage to a vehicle's tyres.

Until Halton Council or Mersey Gateway agree to take charge (unless they attempt to suggest someone else is responsible) readers genuinely need to be careful after they pass the new Ditton junction on the Liverpool-bound carriageway.

Andrew Lopez

The Grange