I WOULD like to raise awareness of the Mersey Gateway bridge tolls trying to get more funds from me. I crossed the bridge in my vehicle and called the following day to pay.

They did not have any records of me crossing the bridge so I did not pay.

Now I have received a penalty charge of £52 because I didn't pay.

This needs to be highlighted to people that even when they cross the bridge and call to pay in the time that they set for the toll, their vehicle's details are not on their system.

I now have to try and put a case together to prove I am in the right even though they have the voice recordings.

The adjudication team is employed by Merseyflow so they are going to be biased, plus they give you 1,000 letters to put your case together.

I want to warn people about this extremely poor system that they are running.

They are literally taking money off people for following their rules and processes.

Paul Murray

Vahler Terrace