CHILDREN became scientists for the day when they visited Catalyst Science Discovery Centre in Widnes.

The educational trip was sponsored by Hawks Chemical Co Ltd, from Hyde, as part of a programme of engagement with pupils in their community.

Youngsters from St George's Primary School in Hyde became development chemists as they helped to design a new medicine in the Catalyst laboratory.

The children then explored exciting science being undertaken by UK scientists and engineers with demonstrations using a thermal imaging camera.

They were astonished to see a Van De Graaff generator which literally made their hair stand on end! Pupils also spent time exploring the three interactive galleries.

Catalyst marketing manager Meryl Jameson said:“Catalyst is thrilled to be working with Hawks Chemical Co to help them engage with pupils from their community and we look forward to continuing this relationship in the future.

"We believe that by working in partnership with companies like Hawks, we can inspire pupils to pursue science subjects and become young scientists of the future.”

Reg Warren, of Hawks Chemical Co Ltd, said: “The children were clearly enthused. I really felt the provision of hands-on chemistry gave them a simple picture of what we are about and might have made them think in later life of maybe joining us in some capacity”

Teacher Mr Burgess said: “The visit was very well organised and gave the children a valuable insight into chemistry.

"The museum galleries were engaging and interactive. Our children particularly liked how hands on the exhibits were.

"The workshops were all linked to the national curriculum objectives and gave children a great opportunity to enhance their scientific skills.

"Overall this was a great experience for our children and one we would recommend to other schools.”

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