I READ the article about the Linnets FC redevelopment in Runcorn with some interest.

I would have categorised myself in the casual use bracket of daily users of Murdishaw fields, when they were a public amenity.

I can now not use those fields, along with many others for dog walking which is specifically banned, or for casual kickabouts with children or grandchildren in comparative safety although members and patrons of the club are allowed to.

In the summer the public used those fields for various outdoor activities which will not now be possible.

When the splendid new fencing was erected, I assumed along with many others that it was to stop the various acts of vandalism from motorbikes and so on, quad bikes etc and fully accepted that as a necessity.

However, it would not have been beyond the wit of man to provide some means by which pedestrians could continue to use the fields and in turn access the woods via the now blocked existing entrances which have now been blocked.

As for damage being caused by public pedestrian access, I can but point out the damage done to the pitch edges and fields in general by members and patrons and the general detritus left behind when they depart.

This once public amenity is now restricted to very occasional use by football teams for training and matches, something that takes place in spring/summer evenings and autumn/winter/spring weekends for relatively short durations.

The rest of the time public access is denied – a travesty!

This is not the only local green space from which the general public has been excluded, the fields adjacent to Stockham Lane were acquired by Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy from the council and similarly fenced off denying previous public access.

I would be interested to know what process the council followed to ensure that removal of public access was legal.

I have tried on several occasions over the past six months to get the council to respond to my email queries regarding this but have yet to receive a reply.

Donald Spurr