THE facts in this letter may seem unbelievable but they are true.

I live in a small quiet close in Murdishaw that is meant for disabled and elderly residents.

Weeks ago we woke up to find that we were part of a building site.

Riverside, our landlords, decided to build a block of flats seven feet away from bungalows for the disabled.

You couldn’t make it up, except that it isn’t funny.

Who in their right mind would build a block of flats seven feet away from bungalows, one of them mine?

I have a huge digger, cement mixers and God knows what else, roughly 14 feet from my bed.

Each morning I am woken at 7.30am by the most terrible clanging and banging.

In the beginning this was in the dark, you wake with a terrible fright, this noise is directly outside my bedroom window.

I am 76, with heart failure and lung problems and I can’t even go and lie on my bed because of what is going on outside.

They have made this little close part of the building site by situating the entrance to the site a few yards away from my front door.

Next to me there is a parking area that is supposed to be for residents only. There is a sign stating this but it has become the entrance to the building site.

They have made a gap in the fence and added a gate through which they can come and go and take machinery to and from the site, backwards and forwards past my front door.

I don’t even know if this is legal.

How could Halton Council pass plans to build these flats seven feet away from disabled bungalows?

They will go right across my garden leaving it in the shade and my view will be a brick wall.

Why have Riverside agreed to turn our lovely peaceful close into the entrance of a building site?

They have sold their most vulnerable residents down the river.

Mrs P Kelly, Murdishaw