THE first carbon capture utilisation demonstration plans opens in Runcorn today.

Clean-tech pioneer Econic Technologies will show customers how its innovative catalyst technologies can convert CO2 into polyols, which can then be used to make more sustainable polyurethanes for use in products such as automobiles, bedding and footwear.

The company is confident its pioneering technique will save two million cars' worth of CO2 by 2027.

The new plant at The Heath Business and Technical plant has created 12 jobs and will help manufacturers unlock the positive potential of waste CO2.

Until now, the creation of polyols from CO2 has been performed in plants at high-pressures and temperatures. Thanks to its new tunable catalyst, this new technology will be able to produce samples of CO2-based polyols at lower, industrially relevant temperatures and pressures.

Rowena Sellens, chief executive officer of Econic Technologies, said: ‘The demonstration plant is essential to helping our pioneering catalyst technologies develop as they move out of the lab and into the factory.

"As a company, we want to help drive the market adoption of polyols and our new plant provides an opportunity for us to encourage significant uptake in the industry.

"The interest from polyol manufacturers and downstream polyol users in the plant has been overwhelming already.

"We are extremely confident that once we start demonstrating what our technology can do, we will help catalyse a transformation in attitude when it comes to the positive potential of carbon."

Econic Technologies’ catalysts enable manufacturers to reuse waste CO2 by allowing it to be incorporated as a feedstock, which offers not only a sustainable benefit by reducing the reliance on fossil fuels but also an economical benefit by enhancing margins.

The company hopes that by 2027, 30 per cent of all polyol production will take place using Econic’s catalyst technologies, which could save 3.5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions each year – the equivalent to taking two million cars off the road.