TWO actors who got engaged on stage are now returning to the same theatre to play a boyfriend and girlfriend.

Matt Orillard, 25, popped the question to girlfriend Danielle Segar, 26, at The Brindley in Runcorn after playing Harry in a production of the Ladykillers in September.

Now the fiancées have been cast as couple Gloria and Andy in Centenary Theatre Company’s stage version of Pete Postlethwaite film Brassed Off.

Danielle, from Penketh, said: “It’s a wonderful production to be part of and it helps being able to run through scenes together outside of rehearsals.

“I hope Matt hasn’t got any other plans to spring on me during this production.

“I’m usually a private person when it comes to relationships, so even though it is Gloria and Andy showing off their affection for one another it took a few rehearsals to find the confidence to show it as our entire Centenary family known us.”

The couple met four years ago while rehearsing a Centenary play and plan to get married in summer 2019, six years from the day of their first date.

Their latest production, Brassed Off follows the plight of a miners’ brass band as their pit is threatened with closure and is adapted from the film starring Ewan McGregor and Pete Postlethwaite.

It is a funny and moving story about love, family struggles and traumas facing workers in 1980s Britain.

Matt added: “Andy and Gloria are childhood sweethearts who are brought back together by chance, as she is part of the team who is closing down his pit.

“They hit it off straight away, and its great playing opposite Dani onstage.

“I feel we have an excellent chemistry between us as a couple and I hope that translates to the stage to show the love between the characters.”

Brassed Off runs from Tuesday, February 13 until Saturday, February 17, when there is also a 2pm matinee.

Tickets priced £13 and £12 are available from the box office on 0151 9078360 and online at