YOUNG people under 18 are being warned they could face prosecution for using fake or borrowed identity documents to buy alcohol.

Almost 100 fake IDs have been seized from young people in Halton.

The introduction of policies such as Challenge 25 and Think 21 have made it more difficult for young people to buy alcohol simply because they look older than they are.

Halton Council says some children have resorted to purchasing counterfeit IDs from the internet,and borrowing IDs from older siblings or friends to buy alcohol and get into licensed premises.

Ninety fake IDs were confiscated in Halton over Christmas.

A council spokesman said: "A person found guilty of the possession of counterfeit ID is liable for a fine of up to £5,000 and/or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years.

“Conviction could prevent travel to destinations where a visa is necessary, such as America or Australia.”

Fake ID cards ordered on the internet often do not replicate actual existing documents.

For example, an international driving permit and provisional motorcycle licence do not actually exist and this means that the companies selling them cannot be prosecuted under counterfeit offences.

These counterfeit ID cards are sold as novelty items and the companies are often run from abroad which means it is difficult for the UK to stop the source of the cards.

Experience indicates that the use of genuine ID that does not belong to the person presenting it is more prolific than the use of fake ID to get into licensed premises.