A MEMORIAL service has been held for a former Widnes teacher.

West Bank born Dave Angus taught chemistry for 27 years at Fairfield High School where he himself was a pupil.

The 67-year-old was church warden of St Mary’s for 30 years, leader of a music group and in the choir.

He was also a member of the boys brigade.

Dave loved travelling and toured all over Europe in his caravan with his family.

He visited many countries including Antigua, St Maarten, Mexico and America.

Dave and his wife Val, a former practice nurse at Appleton Surgery, waited six years before they were able to emigrate to Canada where their two children Simon and Julie live with their families.

Only six weeks after they moved to Edmonton in 2016, Dave was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Julie said: “He fought the battle so amazingly well and underwent aggressive chemotherapy and aggressive radiotherapy.”

Eight months later, on December 16 last year, he slipped on ice at the back of their home and suffered a fractured skull and severe bleeding and bruising to the frontal lobe of his brain.

Dave died six days later.

A memorial service was held at St Mary’s Church in January.

Julie added: “It was a wonderful celebration of Dave’s life. Family members, friends, past colleagues and ex-pupils attended.”