A GIANT air pillow, a two lane assault course and the UK’s first giant dual lane drop slide are among exciting attractions coming to Runcorn’s new inflatable theme park.

A new Inflata Nation is being created inside a 20 square foot warehouse on Shaw Stree, currently home to Jump Nation trampoline park which opened in July 2016.

Owners husband and wife Michelle and Matt Ball have revealed details of Cheshire Inflata Nation, as it will be known.

Runcorn will have the UK’s first ever giant dual lane drop slide which enables players to race friends as you plummet.

There will also be a brand new inflata pillow alongside the UK’s first five person inflatable slide.

Michelle said: “The beauty of an inflatable theme park is that there’s always new and exciting additions and improvements to be made.

“The Runcorn park will boast lots of slides, games, and features not currently available at our Manchester location.

“We see each park as a constant work in progress where it’ll evolve and adapt to the wishes of customers.”

The Inflata Challenge, a game where two competitors, attached to bungee cords, must sprint to the end of an inflatable runway before trying to shoot a basketball into a hoop, is another new attraction.

A new and improved two lane assault course, an extra large bouncy bubble section, a revamped Gladiator Duel above a huge airbag and a more extensive play area for the under 4s will be installed.

A huge slide into a giant ball pool and multi-person climbing wall will also be in place.

Matt added:“We think Inflata Nation is a pretty unique concept - there’s certainly nothing else quite like it in the world so far.”

The facility’s 140 wall-to-wall trampolines will be removed in April this year before the inflatables are installed.

The refurbishment is set to take around a week.