I AM at my wit’s end regards dealing with Halton Borough Council, Mersey Gateway Crossings Board, Merseylink and Merseyflow regarding obtaining any road safety or general information.

I have sent many emails going back to November 4, 2017, by asking four very basic questions regarding bridge safety and general information.

I have also requested a copy of the bylaws for the Silver Jubilee bridge or the old Runcorn bridge.

I received a copy of the Silver Jubilee bridge bylaws on December 21, 2017, a very basic document but received never the less (this was first requested on October 23, 2017).

Mersey Gateway Crossings Board, Merseylink and Merseyflow kept telling me to go to another place within this group and continually send various links regards paying tolls, Mersey Gateway bylaws and the breakdown section there in. that do not explain my responsibility in the event of a breakdown or an accident on a bridge carrying three live lanes of traffic travelling at up to 60mph.

There are no hard shoulders, safe zones, escape routes or emergency telephones.

Recovery company Hough Green Garage are contracted to attend within 30 minutes without an accident or safety cushion between the incident and the live traffic, until the appearance of the recovery company.

I should not be waiting months for this information.

I hope you may be able to help by highlighting these problems.

Terry McArdle Penketh