VETS in Widnes are offering to help pet rescue charities and other charitable and community groups free of charge.

White Cross Vets has given its entire team of seven staff five fully paid donation days each year so they can volunteer to support meaningful causes.

These include everything from charities that could benefit from the team’s skills through to schools and other organisations that want to learn about pet health and veterinary care.

Clinic director and vet Archie Cummings from White Cross Vets on Upton Rocks, said: “This initiative is designed for local groups and causes that could benefit from the skills and experience of our vets, nurses and administration teams.

“There are lots of pet charities in the area that do fantastic work under difficult circumstances, often with financial constraints that we could make a real difference to.”

In the last 12 months the team has helped dogs that live on the streets with homeless people, given talks to schools, cub and scout groups, as well and volunteered in pet shelters.

Archie added: “It’s not just pet related charities and schools where our team can help, they can volunteer at hospitals, old people’s homes and with a whole host of community causes that need support.

“We’re keen to forge new relationships with all types of charitable and volunteer organisations in the Widnes area and would invite anyone who thinks they could benefit from our help and expertise to contact us now.”

Anyone interested in the donation day initiative can call White Cross Vets on 0151 305 7333 or visit