A DAREDEVIL rider is setting new records with his incredible stunts as he somersaults and flips his scooter over and over again high up in the air.

Widnes schoolboy Jamie Hull became the world's youngest professional when he was only 10.

The 15-year-old was the first rider to devise several complicated tricks including a ‘double back flip quad tail whip’.

The Wade Deacon pupil was the youngest athlete to compete in the Nitro World Games in 2017 and came 10th overall.

Ranked second in the UK and fifth in the European Finals, he achieved a podium finish for all the competitions he entered last year.

His phenomenal agility took him to America five times as well as Switzerland, Holland, Germany and Spain.

Self-taught Jamie now has 126,000 followers on Instagram.

Proud mum Jane, 47, from Farnworth, said: “Jamie is just an ordinary lad. He is very humble and proud to be a role model.

“He doesn’t realise he is now as big as the names he used to look up to.

“Kids are always asking him sign their helmets.”

Jamie now rides for District Scooters and Rampworx Skatepark.

“Developing new tricks is one of his big aspirations,” said Jane.

“At times it can be scary watching him doing things for the first time.

“Once he has achieved a new trick he absolutely loves it.

“It’s not just about being world champion, it’s about being the most imaginative.”

Jamie gave an inspirational talk to pupils at his former school, Lunts Heath Primary, where he was inducted into their hall of fame.

Headteacher Andy Williams said: “Jamie’s story is living proof that learning is a journey.

“The complexities of performing scooter stunts is not something that is just acquired or learnt overnight; this is a skill that needs to be worked on and developed with a lot of hard work over a serious amount of time.

“It is no surprise that this was at the heart of the message that Jamie delivered in school to the pupils; to be successful at learning anything new requires perseverance in overcoming those challenging steps.

“Jamie is a true role model to the pupils of Lunt’s Heath; it is not so long ago that he was a pupil here with us and now he has a world-wide following.

“It is a truly amazing story for someone so young, a story that can resonate with us all here in school as we help our children to progress their talents and ambitions.

“It was fascinating speaking with him, trying to get into the mind of a 15-year-old beginning to understand what goes through his mind when he stands on a 50-foot high ramp.

“The psychology of dealing with challenge, risk and reward I found compelling.

“It was a thoroughly captivating and engaging morning with an inspirational young man and his parents.”

Jamie’s parents Jane and Nigel, 53, say the coming year will be exceptionally challenging as he continues to compete all over the world and sits his GCSEs.

Jamie spends 25 hours a week practising his scooter stunts.

Jane added: “He will do his revision and ride, it’s a balancing act. It is important for him to do well in his studies.

“This will be the hardest year for his scooter riding.

“He can’t take a year off because it is a very progressive sport.

“He is hitting all his grades and hopes to go to Cronton Sixth Form College.”