A PROFESSIONAL storyteller is coming to a Runcorn to inspire children.

Jude Lennon is visiting Windmill Hill Primary School to celebration National Storytelling Week.

The author will run a series of creative workshops for youngsters and their parents on January 29.

The former teacher, who launched her storytelling business Little Lamb Tales four years ago, will emphasise the importance of the spoken word for reading, writing and creativity.

Jude said:”It’s a fantastic opportunity to share my passion for storytelling with youngsters and the workshops are designed to inspire their reading, writing and creativity.

“The workshops not only encourage good listening skills among children but they also help build confidence and encourage children to communicate better.

“As well as sharing some traditional stories with children I’ll be focusing on some stories I picked up on my recent travels to South America.

“I was inspired by so many experiences during the trip and I’m looking forward to sharing some tales from this part of the world with them.

“I’ve changed from a teacher who loved writing into an author who loves storytelling.

“It should be a very fun and exciting day.”

Headteacher Paula Newman said: “Storytelling is so important to literacy.

“Listening to a wide range of stories told by a professional storyteller adds a new dimension for the children.

“The visit will help to develop their vocabulary, imagination and creativity skills.

“We can't wait to work with Jude again on another project later this year."

Jude, the current Disney Winnie the Pooh Laureate for the north west, has written 10 children’s books.