HALTON MP Derek Twigg has accused the Government of failing to invest sufficiently in the health service as patients face cancelled operations and procedures and long queues at A&E.

He said: “The increased pressure on the NHS is not just during winter but is now happening throughout the year and getting worse.

“It is very distressing and frustrating to have your operation or appointment cancelled, especially at short notice and just adds to the worry of patients.

“The simple fact is that the NHS does not have enough resources to meet the challenges it faces and the Government has failed to plan properly for an ageing population and put enough money in to social care.”

Mr Twigg is calling for funding for more community health resources.

He added: “Too many people are being kept in hospital longer than they need to be because there are delays in providing care in the community for them.

“The Government has failed to recruit and retain enough GPs making it more difficult to get a doctor’s appointment, contributing to more people going to A&E.

“The coalition government’s disastrous reorganisation of the NHS in 2011 cost over £3 billion and fragmented the health service. What is needed is a joined up health and social care system that is properly funded.

“The NHS is under tremendous strain and it’s only the hard work and dedication of NHS staff that is preventing a worse situation,.

“I would like to put on record my thanks and appreciation to them.”