A YOUNG man has been hailed a Good Samaritan after returning a lost wallet containing more than £100.

Jules Jess has hailed the boy, named Jack Ford, from Widnes, an unsung hero for his honesty.

Jules said her husband lost his Louis Vuitton wallet in Tesco on Lugsdale Road yesterday, containing more than £100, his bank cards, driving licence and his Nando’s card.

“After contacting Tesco and the police we lost hope and started cancelling the cards and driving licence,” said Jules, from Widnes.

“Then an hour ago a young man named Jack Ford knocked with the wallet.”

Jack found the wallet in Tesco and got on a bus to personally deliver it.

Jules added: “Jack lives off Ditchfield Road. Anyone who knows him you have got an honest friend or relative.

“It’s much appreciated what this young man has done.”

Jules has thanked Jack on social media to restore people’s faith in young people.

“I wanted to post this because of the post I saw last week of the disrespectful youths in a subway,” said Jules.

“It’s nice to know there are young people like Jack out there. The shame is we only ever seem to talk about the bad ones.”