I AM hoping to re-establish contact with blood relations, such as cousins and second cousins who are still residents of Widnes.

My name is Jean Mary Pavey, nee Cleary.

I was born in 1953 as the seventh child of James and Martha Cleary, nee Behan, from Kingsway, Widnes.

Since both mum and dad died in 1998-99 I seem to have completely lost touch with my family roots, as I have moved home frequently.

Due to big age gaps in our families, I hardly knew most of my cousins.

Now aged 64 and looking back with nostalgia, I have always wondered about my roots as we were of Irish Catholic ancestry.

I find myself longing to find out more about our huge family.

I also wondered if any of them or others of Irish Catholic descent voted remain in the Brexit poll and were shocked and angry at the result?

Perhaps they too, like me, are now seeking an Irish passport and citizenship?

I can be contacted via e-mail at pavey369@btinternet.com.

Jean Pavey