ON my way to work at 8.25am I had a blowout on the Mersey Gateway bridge.

I managed to get my car to the left side exit of Runcorn East and called my breakdown service.

I got out and tried to find a safe place to wait for recovery.

There isn’t one.

There is no hard shoulder on the bridge and no safe place to get to if your car breaks down.

I had to stand for an hour with wagons and cars flying past at speeds of 60mph-plus.

Did they not think about this when building the bridge?

So many lives will be put in danger.

I was eventually towed off the bridge by Hough Green recovery sent by Halton Council.

Mersey Gateway stated the cameras on the bridge send alerts.

If this is the case why was an alert not sent to the police so they could get behind the car and make the situation safer?

I was then advised I would have to pay £150 to release my car.

Hough Green recovery is not at fault for this charge as it is a business, but if the council sends a truck without advising you it should be liable for the fee as it has made the bridge unsafe.

Anne Tharme