MORE than two million vehicles have crossed the Mersey Gateway, latest figures have revealed.

Around 72,000 vehicles use the bridge every weekday.

Halton Council has hailed the new crossing a huge success.

David Parr, chief executive of Halton Council and the Mersey Gateway Crossings Board, said: “The new Mersey Gateway bridge has been really popular.

“More than two million vehicles have used the bridge in total, averaging 72,000 vehicles every weekday, which is over and above what we expected, and shows that people are enjoying the quicker, easier and more reliable journeys the bridge brings.”

The new six-lane toll bridge opened just after midnight on Saturday October 14.

The latest figures published are as of 1am on Tuesday, November 14.

More than 95 per cent of drivers using the bridge have registered their vehicles with Merseyflow or paid tolls by the payment deadline.

Merseyflow, which is the tolling provider appointed by the Mersey Gateway Crossings Board to operate the tolling system, says 70 per cent of journeys made had registered in advance.

Anthony Alicastro, chief executive officer of emovis operations (Mersey) Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of emovis, which runs the Merseyflow operation, said: “The best piece of advice we can give to anyone who uses the bridge regularly is to register with Merseyflow for discounts as this means you get cheaper journeys and don’t have to pay each time.

“For anyone that does receive a penalty charge notice (PCN) our advice is to deal with it as quickly as possible as you get a 50 per cent discount – reducing the charge to £20 plus the original toll fee – if you pay within 14 days.

“The PCN also contains details of how you can challenge the payment if you feel it has been sent in error.”

Drivers can pay tolls online at, call 01928 878878 or visit the walk-in centre in Manor Park, Runcorn or at one of 10,000 Payzone outlets across the UK.

Anyone who isn’t registered and doesn’t pay either in advance or by 11.59pm the day after they cross will receive a PCN in the post.

Anyone who pays their PCN within 14 days of the issue date will have the cost reduced by 50%, meaning they just have to pay £20 plus the original toll fee.

Anyone who receives a PCN and wishes to challenge it can do so by making a representation in writing to Merseyflow.

Details of how to make a representation are contained on the PCN document.