I WAS absolutely appalled by the behaviour of gangs of yobs on so-called Mischief Night in Widnes.

I was watching The Walking Dead on my TV when I suddenly thought the noise seemed very loud.

Looking out of my window I saw gangs of youths shouting and causing a nuisance.

My neighbours saw several police riot vans patrolling the streets around Milton Avenue in Widnes.

Boisterous youths were terrorising the neighbourhood.

When I ran out and asked them to move they hurled a firework towards me.

Luckily it didn’t hit me, but it could have injured a child or anyone else who happened to be in the street.

I am worried about the dangers this anti-social behaviour is causing.

I think the only way to deal with it is to impose a curfew on young people – from the ages of say 14 to 19 – to stop them being on the streets on Mischief Night and Halloween.

Gangs were also roaming around on Halloween when young children were out trick-or-treating with their families.

These yobs are intimidating the community and stretching police resources, which may be needed for genuine emergencies.

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