ON at least two occasions last week I had to wait between 30 and 45 minutes for the 14c to West Bank.

Each time it was between 4pm and 5pm on my way home from work.

According to the timetable this service runs every 15 minutes.

The service from West Bank in the mornings is not much better.

The 7.10am does not leave until 7.15am and by the time this bus has travelled up Mersey Road it is running seven minutes late.

This means unless other buses are late you will miss your connections at Green Oaks.

Some people need to get to Liverpool or Warrington to work and need to make sure they arrive on time.

West Bank has already lost all Arriva services, which is appalling.

Since the Silver Jubilee closed we no longer have access to all the buses which used to cross the bridge and provided many people with direct connections to go to work, school, shopping or visit places for leisure.

Many residents do not have cars and can’t afford taxis, so we need a reliable bus service.

West Bank is now only served by one bus. Halton Transport said it was going to run the 14c every 15 minutes but has reneged on this promise and let us down.

I am appealing to Halton Transport and Halton Council to sort this out.

James Murphy

West Bank