THE Silver Jubilee bridge had 80,000 vehicles per day passing over it.

If half the vehicles were local residents, then the other 40,000 vehicles will be tolled.

Many will be HGVs etc so if half are at the lowest charge of £2 and half at £8 that is £200,000 per day in tolls.

Allowing for lower numbers at weekends that will be £70 million per year collected.

So the full cost of building the bridge will be paid for in eight years at that rate, allowing for tolls increasing.

Allowing two years tolls, £140 million, for the admin costs in collecting the tolls and bridge maintenance, then the bridges could become toll free in 10 years’ time.

If not who will receive the ongoing £70 million a year?

Is Halton Council to receive a fair share of this bounty to go towards, for example, meals on wheels, care homes, etc or is it going into the pockets of big business?

Halton Council has not made this aspect very clear.

Tom Jackson