I HAVE lived in and around this area for 44 years.

I have relatives who live in Warrington. I’m sure many families in Warrington, Widnes, Frodsham, St Helens and south Liverpool are being affected in the same way by the bridge tolls.

I am disgusted at the government thinking tolling this bridge and the Silver Jubilee is justifiable.

What will the financial impact towards business and peoples’ lives be?

I have heard reports that bus companies are re-routing away from Runcorn old town bus stops.

Do people not get the bus from there anymore because the bridge of prosperity will save all who cross?

The Queensferry Crossing is untolled. I believe it only fair that the government steps in and pays the same good compliment to Halton and her surrounding areas.

Families will be torn apart, business will move elsewhere and Runcorn will become a ghost town.

A wagon is being charged £8 to cross, imagine the effect on local haulage.

The £2 charge if somebody crosses has to be paid by the next day.

How many people will fall foul of this and incur a fine?

All this adds up to is a bridge that is ‘more revenue’ than ‘rejuvenation’.

The bridge tolls are unfair, unneeded and unjustifiable.

S Jones