FOLLOWING much publicity from merseyflow about the need to sign up as soon as possible for a residents’ contract to cross the new bridge, I duly applied to be registered and paid the required £10 fee.

The letter of acceptance, together with the windscreen sticker, arrived some time later.

Quite unexpectedly I changed my car a day or two before the sticker arrived.

I went into the Widnes office of merseyflow and asked for the registration documents to be changed to take account of the new number for when the bridge opened, whereupon I was told that I would have to reapply and pay another £10 registration fee.

Like countless other Halton residents who are in a similar position, I believe this stance by merseyflow is totally unacceptable, considering that the bridge is not yet open and the service I have paid for is therefore not, as yet, available.

Also if merseyflow is suggesting that it is an administrative fee then £10 for a simple modification on a computer is, in my opinion, totally excessive and against any natural justice.

I trust merseyflow will be able to resolve this anomaly without causing further alienation to many of Halton’s residents.

David Paul

Hall Avenue