A RECENT letter to the World raised concerns about the impact bridge tolls may have on religious activities and then specifically mentioned Wat Phra Singh UK, the Buddhist temple in Runcorn, together with an accompanying photograph of the temple.

The letter was noted as ‘name and address supplied’.

While supporting the rights of everyone to hold views, we must disassociate ourselves from the views expressed therein.

We chose not to exercise the right to request for any offensive comments posted in relation to the article to be removed, as once again we feel everyone is entitled to express themselves in whatever manner they choose.

On behalf of the temple we are registered with Merseyflow and have happily posted news of bridge work progress and the requirements for registering for tolls.

We have had nothing but positive feedback from all our supporters who are happy to pay the appropriate tolls.

We would like to record our appreciation and respect for both the bridge contractors and for Halton Council, who together have completed an amazing job while successfully keeping traffic moving within a very complex project.

We are sure that the bridge will play an important part in the regeneration and future of Halton and we are proud to be a small part of it.

Tony Collacott

Trustee of Wat Phra Singh UK