I AGREE with Nigel Moore from Palacefields, who wrote in the World on August 30 that there is definitely no magic money tree for the north.

There is six times the investment in the transport infrastructure in London and the south east than in the north west.

In 2012 there was a proposed new £1.5 billion toll road between Huntington and Cambridge.

Similar to Runcorn, there was already an existing non-tolled road, in our case a bridge.

After a public consultation it was decided in 2013 it will not be tolled.

The road is due to be finished in 2020.

The Arts Council invested £69 per head of population in London, compared with £4.58 in other English regions.

At least Scotland bucked the trend. It has an existing road and rail bridge across the Firth of Forth but the new road will be toll-free.

Perhaps we should have an independence vote and build a wall.

Ralph Green