AFTER paying for parking my car at the Postern Gate car park in Warrington on July 27, two weeks later I received a demand for £100 for a parking violation at the same place on the same date.

Luckily I had retained the parking ticket as proof, but how many folk would find themselves at the mercy of these charlatans after throwing their tickets away?

I lodged a written appeal to Civil Enforcement Ltd in Liverpool.

I made them aware of my profound displeasure and furnished them with the number on the ticket as proof that I still retained it.

On August 24 I received an abrupt letter from Civil Enforcement informing me that the parking charge notice had been cancelled.

Nowhere in the letter did they offer an explanation for their unreasonable conduct or an apology for their heavy handed intimidation.

I am pursuing this matter out of concern for all the innocent folk who pay to park, throw away their tickets and have no proof they are being ripped off and so are forced to pay.

People need to beware of those who know that many people throw away their tickets and have no proof that they paid to park.

Firms have camera auto recognition and records of who has paid and who has not, but apparently not content with finding the parking dodgers they are now targeting those who have paid.

So I urge you to keep your parking tickets.

Do not allow yourself to be ripped off.

David Farrar