TRESPASSERS on the new Mersey Gateway are being warned they are putting lives at risk.

Bridge builders Merseylink is already looking to bring charges against two cyclists who illegally entered the construction site area last week.

Hugh O’Connor, general manager of the Merseylink, said: “The last thing we want is to see anyone get hurt and we can’t allow any disruption to our construction team caused by irresponsible people who must keep off the site.

“This is a live construction environment– we have hundreds of skilled and qualified people working across the site on a 24/7 basis using all kinds of powerful machinery.”

“Anyone who trespasses anywhere on the site is putting themselves and others in danger and we will prosecute anyone who is caught trespassing.

“Our message to anyone thinking of entering the site is simple – don’t do it. We will catch you, we will identify you and we will prosecute you. It’s just not worth it.

“Please keep away from the site and let us complete this very important project.”

The bridge is due to open in the next few weeks.