I WAS absolutely disgusted by the appalling state of Runcorn old town when I walked down High Street last week.

The litter bins were all full and there was rubbish everywhere.

Even beside the doctors outside the NatWest bank there was an industrial bin crammed with litter, bottles and cans.

Graffiti is daubed all over doors and weeds are growing in the pavement.

I am 81 and have lived in Runcorn all my life.

I was born in Halton Village and moved to the old town.

I feel ashamed when any of my family or friends come to visit.

This has really upset me.

What sort of impression are we giving people?

If you drive just a few miles away to Stockton Heath, Frodsham or Penketh you will see lovely flowers and hanging baskets.

I realise this all costs money but surely we could do something to make sure our town is kept clean.

Perhaps we could invite traders, shops and businesses to donate a small sum.

This could transform the image we project to both visitors and potential investors.

Come on, let’s bring pride back to Runcorn.

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