FURTHER to the printing of my first letter on August 9, I want to follow it up with another.

I feel like I am being victimised because of the vehicle I drive, a camper van.

I cannot afford to drive across a bridge that will merely take me from one side of Halton to the other when I have resided in the borough for decades.

I still pay rates for the borough. If I can no longer access half of it then surely I should only have to pay half of my rates bill.

It might be a good idea for the residents of Runcorn and Widnes to stop paying any rates until these ridiculous toll charges are scrapped.

My state pension increased this year by 99p a month, however my council rates went up by £6 a month. How does that work?

The ‘bridge to prosperity’…more like the bridge of doom and gloom.

There are nurses and social workers who are being forced to leave their posts in Runcorn because they can no longer afford to go across the river.

There are commercial companies, transport firms, market traders and shops all going to the wall because of the greed of this Government.

If all the money taken from motorists was spent on the roads there wouldn’t be a problem.

Looking on the bright side, I see that the Government is refurbishing Big Ben, all of its working components and the tower.

It is going to take approximately four years to refurbish.

At what cost? Millions or billions?

All of which will be funded by the good old taxpayer.

It will be nice for all the drivers crossing over the untolled bridges over the Thames to look at the nice new clock and tower, then drive just around the corner to see the £36 million refurbishment of Buckingham Palace.

No magic money trees to help the north hey? Only in the gardens of Theresa May’s government.

Long live the south!

Forget Runcorn and Widnes and all the surrounding areas that have been affected by the bridge building for the past three years and will continue to be affected by these outrageous toll charges.

Nigel Moore