ANGRY residents have reported work on the new Mersey Gateway bridge is keeping them awake at night. 

A number of people have contacted the Runcorn and Widnes World and taken to social media to vent their fury reporting an 'extremely loud banging and hammering sound'.  

One reader tweeted to Mersey Gateway 'making a racket again at 3am and been doing so for the last hour, breaking the law much?'

While another said it woke them up at 2.15am and they could not get back to sleep. 

Click play above to listen to a video of the noise. 

A Mersey Gateway spokesman said: "We are sorry that the work to demolish the Desoto road and rail bridge has had such an impact on local residents overnight.  

"We were using a pecker to take the concrete road deck down which is surrounded by steel beams. 

"During this process the steel beams started to vibrate and emit a high frequency noise. 

"This noise was particularly noticeable during the quiet of night and for this we sincerely apologise. 

"We would like to assure local residents that this specific element of work was completed today and that removal of the beams overnight tonight should not result in the same levels of noise. 

"We are working 24 hours per day to remove the bridge in order to finish the work in the shortest timescale possible and in line with Network Rail’s restricted rail line possession. 

"Overnight work will continue until the end of the week, but we are checking the programme to try to make sure that any noisy operations will be finished as early in the evening as possible."

Has the noise levels affected you?

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