PUPILS put on their lab coats and fearlessly stepped into the world of chemical engineering at university.

GCSE students from Sandymoor School in Runcorn were given the opportunity to bring the science syllabus to life at the University of Chester's Thornton Science Park.

They used specialist equipment to carry out a number of experiments, including working with acids.

As part of the practical coursework they used pipette bulbs and burettes to neutralise a solution through a process called acid-base titration.

University of Chester technical officer Phil Sturla invited the pupils to use the laboratories and said: “The students were excellent ambassadors for the school.

"We were all amazed by the scientific skill of the Sandymoor students, many of whom showed great promise to become future scientists."

Dawn Johnson, head of science at Sandymoor, said: “Many thanks to Phil and members of the technical team, who were happy to set up the experiment for us over three weekly sessions.

"The experience of working in university laboratory facilities was really valuable for our students and very motivational.

"The students have had a fantastic time in world class, cutting-edge facilities and it has been a really valuable experience for them to complete a required GCSE practical.”