I WAS called at 5.30pm yesterday to collect a family member from St Helens Hospital after an operation.

I therefore left home in Westfield, Runcorn because I know traffic is slow with rush hour and the extensive roadworks between Runcorn Bridge and Widnes, but it took far longer than expected.

I had not reached Tesco after 40 minutes and less than three miles of driving!

I felt very angry when I realised why.

Someone had allowed the three-lane dual carriageway going north to be reduced to a single lane.

It looked as though surface relaying is to be done following overlong minor roadworks outside the superstore.

But it was not being done! The vehicles and machinery were behind cones yet no worker in sight. Nor was there any information or apology about it.

I think a huge error of judgement caused a massively increased delay for hundreds of drivers last night.

If I knew who to write to, I would ask four questions.

Was it absolutely necessary for the work to be done yesterday?

Why allow a further lane closure at peak traffic flow?

Why was it not a condition that the work be done non-stop until completion?

The weather was good and overnight lighting costs would be low as it is not dark until around 9pm.

It is not a long piece of road surface so why was it not done between, say, 8pm and 6am?

If the responsibility is Tesco's, I shall never shop there again.

If it is Halton Borough Council's, I shall write strong letters 'to whomever it concerns'.

Russ Naylor

Hillside Avenue